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Strategy is a proper/systematic plan which aims to achieve the goal. In education, strategy means the ability to select suitable approach in teaching by means of using appropriate methods and techniques

Teaching strategy may well stand for the plans, means and specific way especially devised and employed by the teachers for guiding, directing and showing path to the learners for the realization of the set instructional or teaching learning objectives.

Acc. To E.Stones and s. Morris, “Teaching strategy is a generalized plan for a lesson which includes structure, desired learner behavior in terms of goals of instruction and an outline of planned tactics necessary to implement the strategy.”

If we analyze this definition, following are the features of the strategy:

  • Stands for a generalized plan, way and means for carrying out the task of teaching i.e. more specifically for teaching a particular lesson
  • Directed towards the realization of the set teaching learning objectives
  • Devised and employed for helping the learners in the realization of the set teaching learning objectives
  • Brings out a scheme, programme or teaching learning structure, which if followed may help in the better realization of the set teaching learning objectives
  • Requires a number of well planned tactics (those behaviors and activities of a teacher which he/she works out and makes use of for the development of a particular teaching strategy) for its effective implementation.



The method of teaching includes a series of action or steps taken by a teacher to achieve a certain teaching and learning objectives

Method of teaching is an organization and application of teaching technique, teaching materials, teaching aids and supplementary material by the teacher, with the aim of achieving the teaching and learning objective

Distinguishing teaching strategy from teaching method

The term teaching strategy is sometimes confused with teaching method. Any method which we use is always selected and directed to serve our purpose of presenting the subject matter as effectively as possible. Any method that we use reflects a particular mode of presentation of some specific contents of a curricular subject. Strategy, on the contrary, is selected and employed not only for the effective presentation of some specific subject material but also for the realization of the pre determined teaching learning objectives. In this way, strategy as a term is more comprehensive in its scope as well as structure in comparison to a method. The distinction between them can be summarized as below:




A teaching method stands for the effective presentation of the specific contents of a subject in such a way as may be properly grasped and understood by the students.

A teaching strategy stands for the creation of appropriate teaching learning environment leading to help the students in the realization of the set teaching learning objectives.

The term method is relatively old term and is related with pedagogy.

The term strategy is relatively a new term belonging to military science and educational technology.

The nature of the subject matter decides the selection of a method for carrying out teaching task.

Nature of the teaching learning objectives is the deciding factor for the selection of a suitable teaching strategy.

A teaching method is based on the assumption that teaching is an art.

A teaching strategy assumes that teaching is a science and quite technical in nature.

The effectiveness of a teaching method is evaluated in terms of mastery over the subject matter by using achievement tests.

The effectiveness of a teaching strategy is evaluated in terms of the realization of the set objectives by using criterion referenced tests.

In a teaching method emphasis is laid over the teaching steps taken for the proper presentation of the subject matter.

In teaching strategy emphasis is laid over teaching activities for the proper organization of teaching learning environment.

The steps taken in teaching methods are quite rigid and fixed. Generally, it is quite difficult to bring changes in the style and steps represented by a method.

Teaching strategy is quite flexible in its application. It is always subjected to modification in the interest of the best realization of the set objectives in the present circumstances.

A teaching method may make use of teaching techniques and aid material for its effective implementation.

In this regard a teaching strategy is more comprehensive as it may make use of different methods, techniques, aids and equipments, tactics etc. for organizing the teaching learning activities and environment in an effective way.


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